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venerdì, 21 giugno 2024


Dettagli Pubblicazione
Autori:Stefania Montani
Giorgio Leonardi
Alessio Bottrighi
Luigi Portinale
Paolo Terenziani
Area Scientifica:Artificial Intelligence
Case-Based Reasoning
Temporal Reasoning
Medical Informatics
Titolo:Flexible and efficient retrieval of haemodialysis time series
Apparso su:5th Inter. Workshop on Process Oriented Information Systems in Health Care and 4th Int. Workshop on Knowledge Representation for Health Care (ProHealth12/KRH4C12)
Tipo Pubblicazione:Paper on Proceedings International Conference
Sommario:The problem of retrieving time series similar to a speci ed query pattern has been recently addressed within the Case Based Rea- soning (CBR) literature. Providing a exible and ecient way of dealing with such an issue would be of paramount importance in medical do- mains, where many patient parameters are often collected in the form of time series. In this paper, we describe a novel framework for retriev- ing cases with time series features, relying on Temporal Abstractions. With respect to more classical (mathematical) approaches, our frame- work provides signi cant advantages. In particular, multi-level abstrac- tion mechanisms and proper indexing techniques allow for exible query issuing, and for ecient and interactive query answering. The frame- work is currently being applied to the hemodialysis domain. In this eld, experimental results have shown the superiority of our approach with re- spect to the use of a classical mathematical technique in exibility, user friendliness, and also quality of results. Tests in other application domains, as well as further enhancements, are foreseen in our future work.