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Dettagli Pubblicazione
Autori:Laura Giordano
Baldoni Matteo
Ken Satoh
Area Scientifica:Knowledge Representation
Titolo:Renvoi in Private International Law: a Formalization with Modal Contexts
Apparso su:TR-INF-2019-10-05-UNIPMN
Editore:DiSIT, Computer Science Institute, UPO
Tipo Pubblicazione:Technical Report
Sommario:The paper deals with the problem of formalizing the renvoi in private in- ternational law. A rule based (first-order) fragment of a multimodal logic including context modalities as well as a (simplified) notion of common knowledge is introduced. It allows context variables to occur within modalities and context names to be used as predicate arguments, providing a simple combination of meta-predicates and modal constructs. The nesting of contexts in queries is exploited in the formalization of the renvoi problem. A sound and complete proof procedure is provided.