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mercoledì, 24 luglio 2024

Rapporti Tecnici

Dettagli rapporto tecnico
Autori:Helge Langseth
Luigi Portinale
Area Scientifica:Uncertain Reasoning
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Dependability and Reliability
Titolo:Bayesian Networks in Reliability
Apparso su:TR-INF-2005-04-01-UNIPMN
Editore:DiSIT, Computer Science Institute, UPO
Sommario:Over the last decade, Bayesian Networks (BNs) have become a popular tool for modelling many kinds of statistical problems. We have also seen a growing interest for using BNs in the reliability analysis community. In this paper we will discuss the properties of the modelling framework that make BNs particularly well suited for reliability applications, and point to ongoing research that is relevant for practitioners in reliability.