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Pubblication Details
Authors:Andrea Bobbio
Roberta Terruggia
Scientific Area:Quality of Service Networks
Dependability and Reliability
Title:Reliability and QoS Analysis of the Italian GARR network
Published on:TR-INF-2008-06-04-UNIPMN
Publisher:Computer Science Department, UPO
Tipo Pubblicazione:Technical Report
Abstract:The present technical report is aimed at discussing the modeling, analysis and computation of the reliability and quality of service (QoS) of complex networks, with particular emphasis on the Italian GARR network. The present report is primarily based on the methodologies described in previous work, where the algorithm for deriving the reliability of a binary probabilistic network, via the use of BDD is described. Moreover, the present report introduces new capabilities and analysis techniques, by considering weighted networks. Weight are parameters that characterize the service that the network is able to provide, so that the analysis of weighted can give insight on the service availability provided by any system representable in the form of a network.