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Friday, 9 June 2023

ProGraM Projects and Collaborations

Applications of PGM to Dependability and Reliability
  • ISIDE: Reliable Reactive Computing Systems for Industrial Applications: MIUR 2000-2002 co-funded project.
  • Models and Tools for Dependability, Safety and Performance Analysis of Highly-Critical Complex Programmable Electronic Systems: in collaboration with ENEA (Italian Agency for Energy and Environment); ref: Ing. Michele Minichino
  • Bayesian Networks in Relliability (2006-2007); in collaboration with Dept. of Computer and Information Science, NTNU ( Trondheim, Norway); ref: Prof. Helge Langseth
Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Autonomous FDIR (Fault Detection, Identification and Recovery)
Bayesian Network Based Data Mining
Power Grid Cyber-security
Recommender Systems based on PGM
  • Recommendation of products and services, and case-based reasoning solutions based on Probabilistic Graphical Models; in collaboration with Inferendo