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mercoledì, 24 luglio 2024

Rapporti Tecnici

Dettagli rapporto tecnico
Autori:Lorenzo Alboresi
Marco Furini
Area Scientifica:Multimedia Systems
Titolo:Audio-Text Synchronization inside mp3 file: a new approach and its implementation
Apparso su:TR-INF-2003-07-04-UNIPMN
Editore:Computer Science Department, UPO
Sommario:The large usage of multimedia portable devices has contributed to rapidly increase the demand for multimedia entertainment services. In this paper we focus on the karaoke service: several systems have been proposed but they are too difficult to be directly used over audio devices. Conversely, in this paper we propose a very simple approach to provide a karaoke-like service over any audio device that can play out mp3 files. Our approach is essentially new, as no additional files, beyond the mp3 file, are necessary. A simple description language has been designed and the resulting audio-text timing synchronizations are transparently stored inside the mp3 file. The effectiveness of our approach is proved through a developed java mp3 player. The simplicity of our approach along with the java portability allow a straightforward use of our player over any OSs and over any audio device that supports java applications.