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Scadenza: 01/02/2020

Annuncio Seminario (Prof. D. Materassi)

Mercoledì 8/1/2020 alle ore 14.00 in sala seminari Istituto di Informatica (C192), il Prof. Donatello Materassi dell'University of Minnesota terrà il seguente seminario:
Network recovery and identification via graphical separation tests

Networks have become ubiquitous in science. The principal advantages provided by a networked system are a modular approach to design, the possibility of directly introducing redundancy and the realization of distributed and parallel algorithms. All these advantages have led to consider networked systems in the realization of many technological devices. At the same time, it is not surprising that natural and biological systems tend to exhibit strong modularity, as well. Interconnected systems are successfully exploited to perform novel modeling approaches in many fields, such as Economics, Biology, Cognitive Sciences, Ecology and Geology. While networks of dynamical systems have been deeply studied and analyzed in physics and engineering, there is a reduced number of results addressing the problem of recovering and identifying an unknown network of dynamic systems, since it poses formidable theoretical and practical challenges. One of the main challenges is the identification of networked systems that are difficult to access or manipulate. Thus, the necessity for general tools for the identification of networks that are known only via non-invasive observations is rapidly emerging. The talk addresses this problem leveraging approaches from the theory of graphical models and showing under what conditions they can be extended to networks of dynamic systems.