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Wednesday, 30 November 2022


  • WWW access

    The base access to our platform is based on WWW. Users will chose from a portal the desired learning service.

  • Modem connection

    Authorized users with a modem can directly dial in and connect to our services.

    This service was dismissed when the VPN Service was activated.

  • GPRS connection

    GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a step between GSM and 3G cellular networks. GPRS offers faster data transmission via a GSM network within a range 9.6Kbits to 115Kbits. This new technology makes it possible for users to make telephone calls and transmit data at the same time. (For example, if you have a mobile phone using GPRS, you will be able to simultaneously make calls and receive e-mail massages.) The main benefits of GPRS are that it reserves radio resources only when there is data to send and it reduces reliance on traditional circuit-switched network elements.
    With GPRS, an IP data transmission protocol, which is characteristic of computer networks, is being introduced to GSM. IP is a data transmission protocol which is used in Internet, the largest computer network in the world today.
    Before introduction of GPRS, the radio capacity was used for calls and data transmission within the GSM network in a rather inefficient way. For data transmission the entire channel was occupied and was thus insufficiently used. With the GPRS technology, the channel is used more efficiently owing to the possibility of more than one user sharing the same channel. GPRS telephones user several channels for data transfer thus facilitating greater transfer speeds.
    The Computer Science Department offers to its staff internet/intranet access using GPRS PCMCIA cards.

  • UMTS connection

    Standing for ''Universal Mobile Telecommunications System'', UMTS represents an evolution in terms of services and data speeds from today's ''second generation'' mobile networks. This service will be tested by our Department upon confidence of a leader italian telecomunication provider.