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End Date: 01/11/2012

Announcement: Fabio Neri Fellowship

CNIT Fabio Neri Fellowship Announcement to support Postdoctoral research at a CNIT Research Unit within an Italian University

CNIT (the Italian National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications) is a non-profit Consortium among 37 Italian Universities, officially recognized by the Ministry for Instruction, University and Research, whose main purpose is to coordinate and foster basic and applied research activities, also looking for cooperation with national and international bodies and industries, and provide advanced education and training in the area of telecommunications and electromagnetics.
This fellowship commemorates Fabio Neri, who conducted his research activity at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications ofPolitecnico di Torino for over 25 years.

This fellowship is awarded to a scholar at the beginning of his research career, either Italian or Foreigner, and is aimed to provide financial support to develop research in the field of TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORKS. The research will be carried on in one of the CNIT Research Units within an Italian University (or at a CNIT National Laboratory) for a period of 18 months, starting from January 2013.

This fellowship provides a financial support of € 50.000 (before tax) for 18 months of research activity. The amount after tax (deducting Italian income tax) will be about € 2000 per month.

This fellowship is not extendable for additional research periods.

The research topic must be comprised within the field of TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORKS.

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Deadline: 31/10/2012