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End Date: 04/08/2014

Kurt Godel Reasearch Prize

The Logical Mind: Connecting Foundations and Technology Competition
(Organized by the Kurt Gödel Society)


The Kurt Gödel Society is proud to announce the commencement of the Kurt Gödel Research Prize Fellowships Program- The Logical Mind: Connecting Foundations and Technology.


A.    The program has a particular emphasis on supporting young scholars as previous rounds of Kurt Gödel Research Prize Fellowships showed that the impact on the careers of the young researchers had the most significance. Young scholars are defined by being less or exactly 40 years old at the time of the commencement of the Vienna Summer of Logic (July 9, 2014). The program will offer:
One fellowship award in the amount of EUR 100,000, in each of the following categories:
* Logical Foundations of Mathematics,
* Logical Foundations of Computer Science and
* Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
B.    The awards will be based on a categorized world-wide open competition by way of submission of up to three-pages project description, CV and two letters of recommendation.
C.    The applicant will have to choose an applicable category him/herself.
D.    The following three Boards of Jurors will choose four finalists from their respective discipline electronically:

Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence: Luigia Carlucci Aiello, Georg Gottlob (Chair), and Bernhard Nebel
Logical Foundations of Computer Science: Franz Baader, Johann Makowsky, and Wolfgang Thomas  (Chair).
Logical Foundations of Mathematics: Harvey Friedman (Chair),  Angus Macintyre, and Dana Scott.

The winners will be chosen by all three juries together.
The finalists will be invited to submit an extended project proposal version electronically before the Vienna Summer of Logic and only the finalists shall be entitled to reviewer's feedback.

E.    Finalists will be obliged to submit a full version of their proposal (up to 20 pages)
F.    All deliberations will be performed electronically. The same shall apply to all decisions
G.    All finalists except for the winners will receive silver medals and certificates per post.
H.    Gold medals will be awarded to the winners at the ceremony held in the Celebration Hall of the Vienna University of Technology together with silver medals for the winners of fifteen major competitions related to the conceptual progress in computer science.
I.    The winners will be obliged to write an article for publication in the book containing planned contributions from the winners of all fellowships rounds organized by the Kurt Gödel Society.


March 2, 2014 (midnight PST): Proposals submission deadline
March 31, 2014: Jury decision on finalists due
May 30, 2014: Full proposals due
June 20, 2014: Jury decision on winners due
July 17, 2014: Foundations and Technology Competitions Award Ceremony
August 1, 2014: Commencement of the fellowship
July 31, 2016: End of the fellowships program